Do we need Council approval?

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8 Apr

aThe current guidelines for any outdoor structure larger than 20 square metres or more than 2.4 metres high requires council building approval and possibly, in most commercial settings council planning approval.

These are simple documents to prove the structure will be sound, with no chance of being dangerous or falling down. The council wants to know if you are A. not covering too much of your allotted open space and B. the structure you are planning is properly engineered, fabricated and installed.

WeatherSafe will do all the hard work to check if your structure will be allowed before we send you a quote. If there is no problem we can aquire all the necessary council approvals for no extra cost other than permit costs. If you would prefer to deal direct with the council yourself we can give you all the relevant engineering and paperwork for you to complete.
Council approvals are a necessary part of building any shade structure and we will take all the guesswork out of your application.