What is best, Shade cloth or Waterproof material?

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8 Apr

Both shade cloth and waterproof PVC do a similar job of protecting us from UV rays during our hot summers and PVC has the added advantage of keeping us dry in the winter. We often build waterproof sails and framed structures where the customer wants all year round protection. If you think you are wanting to use your shade structure during summer and winter then its obvious to choose from the large range of coated PVC fabrics designed for year round weather protection. It’s the same stuff the big stadiums use for their covers only on a smaller scale. If your shade is only required in summer then choose from the huge range of fabrics and colours in our shade cloth range. Due to the extra weight and loads caused by PVC, the engineering, (ie. the frame and footings of the structure)are usually bigger than shadecloth and therefore more expensive.