What is the best material for my cover?

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8 Apr

This all depends on several factors. How long you want the cover to last, what environment the cover has to endure and of course how much you want to spend.

If you want a short term cover to sit outside for a few months then a light weight poly cover may be all you want. If however it is to cover a load on a truck travelling at 100kph then a stronger more robust fabric will be needed. If you a covering machinery in a dirty environment you need something easy to clean like a PVC plastic and if you are covering fruit and vegies, animals or humans then you need a canvas which breathes. Every application you can think of will have a purposely designed industrial textile fabric to suit you specific application. With our access to over 30 different fabric suppliers, our team has the know how to recommend the right material for your job and 99% of the time we will have a sample at our showroom we can show you.