Protect Yourself from Corona Virus

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1 Mar

I think it has finally dawned on us that the Corona virus is a real threat and it is really time to take this thing seriously. Here are a few things we are doing at WeatherSafe WA to stop the spread and ‘Reduce the Curve’!

  1. Good Hygiene. Although it was difficult we have managed to get hold of plenty of hand sanitiser and soap and we are making sure all the team are constantly washing our hands, covering our coughs and sneezes and keeping our work place, especially our front reception area impeccably clean.
  2. Social distancing. It is difficult sometimes to maintain the expected 1.5m distance between us however we have put up posters and stopped the movement of people around our factory. More importantly we are making sure all customers take heed of the social distancing rules for their safety as much as ours. We have stopped shaking hands, no more than two in the lunch room at one time, postponed onsite measure and quotes, stopped all non-essential trips out of the workplace and opened a few more windows to let the fresh air in!
  3. Public gatherings. We have all decided as a team we want this pandemic over sooner rather than later so we have made a pledge to each other to isolate ourselves as best as possible when we are away from work. So we are staying at home as much as possible and limiting our trips out and about to avoid contact with others. For the safety of our team and our customers we urge you to do the same.

We know we have all heard this over and over but we are in this together and we feel it is important for us all to do the right thing and play it safe.

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