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2 Feb
Window Shade Sail Perth

We have always known it, but we recently had confirmation from one of our clients of how little they had to use the air conditioner this year after they had 4 auto awnings installed on their north and west facing windows. As you are no doubt aware the heat which radiates into your house is not entirely from the direct sunlight but from the heating of the glass being transmitted into the room. Even with the heaviest of internal blinds or curtains once the sun heats up the glass there is no stopping it from heating up your rooms and forcing you to crank up the A/C! The same can be said outside. The sun may be hot and beating down on us but it is the heat radiating up from the concrete or pavers which is causing the most grief.

This is why you need to stop the sun from hitting the glass or the ground in the first place.

Well positioned awnings and sails can cut the UV rays significantly and cool your area by as much as 8 degrees.

The same is true for patio blinds which can cut up to 85% of the sun out of your outdoor areas.

Another customer told us as well as the cooling benefits they experienced in summer, they had reduced their heating costs in winter! Their blinds created an effective barrier from the cold winds blowing into their house which made their heating work more efficiently.

Blinds, Awnings and Shadesails play a huge part in not only reducing your heating and cooling costs, but putting less strain on our power providers which in turn helps our planet and let’s face it, every little bit helps!

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