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Cantilevers Shade Sail


Where Shade Structures become Works of Art, WeatherSafe Cantilever framed structures create Striking Visual Sculptures while providing Shade and Protection.

One of the great things about creating shade structures is the ability of fabric to contort to shapes which not only provide functional shade but creates visually appealing fabric architecture.

Cleverly designed with minimal upright columns they provide cool breathable shade protection or the option of waterproof covers for all year protection from the elements.

Spans of up to 10 meteres can be achieved and as they are a fully self-supported framed structure any desirable length and shape is possible.

Fully engineered frames can be finished hot dipped galvanised or powdercoated and the choice of colours from our recommended Monotec range or Coated PVC is endless.

Only limited by your imagination, Cantilever, Snake, & Claw structures create a visual statement to any outdoor area.