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Domestic Patio

Domestic Patio | Shade Sail | Bunbury  - Design Build  Installation - WeatherSafe WA

If your outdoor patio lacks privacy or you simply want to create a more intimate setting protected from the sun wind and rain, then shade mesh patio blinds may be the solution you’re looking for.

No matter your budget or style requirements you’re bound to find something to suit. WeatherSafe WA options are limitless and the benefits are endless.

Having a special occasion in your own home is exciting and often a chance to entertain family and friends without the cost of going out. The problem is that most people just don’t have the space for a party or if they do, at the end of the day, after everyone has gone and you’re left with a mess, you begin to regret ever having anyone over—especially if any unfortunate mishaps happened inside.

So finally, there is a way to comfortably and cheaply create an outdoor ‘alfresco’ living area where you can entertain all year round without the stress and worry of people causing damage or mess, by enclosing your patio with clear PVC and shade mesh patio blinds.

The great thing about the shade mesh, over other materials, is not only that it cuts out about 95% of the wind and rain but it also shades your new outdoor room while allowing you to see through the mesh into your back garden. It gives you that outdoor feeling with all the comforts of being inside.

And not only are you creating a great new living area but you can save money on heating in the winter as it acts as a barrier to the cold winds and rain and cooling in the summer as it castes up to 85% shade and lets cooling air flow through on those hot summer days.

However if you want a total block-out of the wind and rain and still keep your view, then choose clear or tinted clear PVC fabric for you blinds, and when you want total sun block-out then there is a range of canvas and acrylic fabrics that can do that job.

Whatever fabric you choose for your patio blinds they will create an area that is almost as protected from the elements as being inside the house.

  • Your patio becomes a practical additional outdoor room that you can deck out with comfortable furniture, patio heater, stereo system and TV.
  • What better way to unwind than relaxing outside with friends watching the weekend sport or a movie.
  • It’s a great place for the kids to play and make a mess,
  • the pets can live comfortably outside of the house,
  • dad can kick off his dirty boots and
  • people can safely have a smoke outside without smelling the house out.

WeatherSafe has a range of patio blinds to suit any style or budget.

Choose from our range of sleek ZipScreen, Slidetrack side guided blinds or Rope and Pulley blinds.

Patio blinds add massive value to your everyday living and to the value of your house.

Ask for our comprehensive Alfresco Patio & Café Blinds brochure or download it from our downloads section.

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