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Domestic & Residential Shade Sails

Domestic & Residential Shade Sails Bunbury | WeatherSafe WA

Shade sails and shade structures are a great addition around the home to provide relief from the harsh Aussie sun and to create stunning resort style ambience around the home.

We all know the damage the suns rays cause to our family, outdoor furniture, cars, in fact anything outside with no protection from direct exposure to the sun. However, did you know the most heat generated by the sun is usually reflected back from what’s on the ground.

If you have a paved area, artificial lawn, or anything which can absorb the warmth radiated by the sun on a hot day, this is where the most uncomfortable heat comes from.

What we need to do so the kids don’t burn their feet on the hot paving around the pool, is to stop the sun from hitting the ground. And this is where a well designed and placed shadesail or shade structure is of most benefit.

Some Of Our Works

Ideally in most back yards we recommend you plant trees and hedges, so you have the most natural shade possible and then compliment your area with strategically placed shade sails or framed shade structures. For more in depth and technical details about the WeatherSafe range of outdoor shade structures please ask for our guide or download it in our downloads section.