DIY Shade Sails: Your comfort couldn’t be cheaper!

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14 Aug

Australian homes are known to receive plenty of sunshine throughout the day. While that’s great as we love the outdoors, it often tends to get very hot. Because of this, many homeowners consider using shade structure to keep things cool.

In my experience, many assume shade structures to be expensive. If you think the same, then let me tell you that you’re wrong! First of all, shade structures are an investment and secondly, they can be affordable as well.

Here, at Global Shade, we offer a full range of shade structures to home and business owners. Of all our products, our DIY shade sails are incredibly popular with people on a budget. That’s because our DIY shade sails offer excellent sun protection, easy maintenance and are very budget friendly.

If you’re looking for an affordable shade structure, then continue reading this post right till the end. I’ll explain just why DIY shade sails are a great choice for you.

They offer great sun protection

Staying out in the sun for too long is definitely unpleasant as it gets really hot here in Australia. But, what’s worse is that we also experience extreme UV levels. As such, it is always wise that you do everything you can to protect yourself and your home from the sun.

DIY shade sails are an excellent choice for sun protection. You can easily install a DIY shade sail over your patio, car park and other outdoor living areas. Not only will the shade sail provide shade, it will also cool the area underneath. And, if you purchase a top-quality shade sail such as those we offer at Global Shade, you’ll be protected from UV radiation as well.

They’ll cool down your home

By putting up a DIY shade sail in your outdoor living area, you’ll certainly enjoy a cool, shaded outdoor area. But, you’ll enjoy more benefits in addition to this as well. A DIY shade sail will also cool down the immediate area inside the home next to your outdoor living area. In turn, this will allow you to lower your energy bills because your appliances will run more efficiently. And, if you use a UV resistant DIY shade sail, you’ll also protect your patio furniture and other outdoor furniture.

They’re affordable and easy to maintain

I mentioned a little while earlier that DIY shade sails are an affordable investment. They’re the cheapest of all types of shade structures and you’ll also save on installation costs. Putting up a DIY shade sail is pretty straightforward as well.

And, that’s not all – DIY shade sails are very easy to maintain as well. All you need to do is clean your sail once in two months if you leave it up and store it properly when not in use. Use only gentle liquid detergents to clean your shade sail and make sure to remove mould, mildew, dirt and debris regularly. If you do this properly, maintenance costs for your shade sail won’t be any concern.

Superior grade DIY shade sails, such as ours will last you 20 years or even longer. Given the fact that our shade sails are incredibly affordable, there’s absolutely no reason not to go with them!

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