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1 Dec
Shade Sail Perth Red

Recently we made some awesome shade sails for a new restaurant/Tavern in Dunsborough. I won’t mention its name but it is a very popular establishment with lots of colourful and funky furniture and art. The shade sails that they chose were a cream colour and although they looked great and really made their outdoor area a lot more comfortable to dine under, they looked, in my opinion, just plain boring.

If you are looking to build a shade sail at your place or business don’t be scared to add some colour and make a statement. These days there are lots of bright and exciting colours available that can really liven up your outdoor areas as well as providing well needed shade and comfort. Instead of dark green, try Lime fizz. Change beige to Mellow Yellow. Don’t use terracotta, use Sherbet. Why use dark blue when you can brighten up the place with Jazzberry! Not only are they cool and exciting colours but they have really ‘groovy’ names!

We have a huge range of shadecloth choices for you to choose from and rest assured if you’re not feeling so adventurous there are plenty of soft tones and ‘quiet’ colours available so you won’t attract attention!

Check out these recent shade sails we installed at the South West Sports Centre.

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